Danelyan Sound Experience (D.S.E.) since November 1977

In 2010, the first musical programs with high quality of sounding were created on technical base, from the selected components of record and reproducing, this is the series of musical programs/releases — Plus 100, Plus 100 Extra & Plus 100 Prime.

The tape recorders AMPEX, STUDER / REVOX are used in order to create the records.

The professional recording tapes BASF, AMPEX, SONY, 3M are used in the work.

Tape recorder corrector was created on the basis of  TELEFUNKEN EF7, EF11 & AD1 tubes.

Speed of movement of recording tape (38.1cm/s and 76.2cm/s), allows obtaining the high quality sounding.

At present, all records are being tested on the control tract, consisting of harmonized components:
— Headphone — BEYER DT990PRO
— Ears Speaker — STAX SR007
— Magnifier based on the tubes — TELEFUNKEN EF12, EL11 & AD1
— АS on speakers Lowther – DX2, PM2A & PM5A (modified).

Works on creating the record (sound) start from:
1) selection of components for each track:
— CD transports
— interconnecting cables
— recording tape recorders
— recording tapes
— optical media
2) before starting the work on each track, all components of record track are demagnetized.

Only high quality, carefully selected phonograms, which are tested on the harmonized sound systems are accepted to the work.


Danelyan Sound Experience meets 12 key requirements during the sound programs/releases production:

— emotion
— sound image volume (width, depth, rear)
— rounded / spherical sound field
— sound transparency
— harmonics
— resolution
— micro-dynamic
— macro-dynamics
— after-sound effects
— overtones
— AFR – Amplitude frequency response
— PFR – Phase frequency response

Quantity of created musical programs is limited because of long processing chain and time of their record, as well as high coefficient of discarded phonograms (which did not pass the test-selection).

In order to create its works, P.S.L. uses the technical base of D.S.E.